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Walter Sargent

Web Engineering & Design
PHP, JQuery, HTML5 UX, Front End PHP, JQuery Events and Landing pages Wordpress, JQuery Wordpress, PHP, MySQL development Convert print brochures to websites custom HTML email Facebook pages and apps B2C and Email Marketing Control panels and data radiators Custom photo galleries


I am a quality-conscious, creative problem-solver. I like to make ’smart’ PHP websites. I look for ways to make them more robust, easier to maintain, snap-together, and foolproof. I look at proven solutions and adapt them to the business requirements. I don’t make technical decisions blithely. I like to understand the problem and solution thoroughly, including the history of the problem.

The term "lazy programmer" is a bit misleading. A lazy programmer is one who does not like to solve the same problem again and again, so he or she is really an economical programmer. Very often, a solution solves one problem and creates another. Dispensing with all of that is the wrong kind of laziness.

I am also a creative guy, musical, artistic, and have a good sense of humor. You’d never know it looking at my HTML, though.



I have worked for several well-known technology producers and innovators in both public and private sectors, including software/hardware, communications, defense, research and education.


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute B.S.E.E. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Polytechnic University Graduate studies in software and control systems engineering from Polytechnic University.


I have a life-long passion for music, especially composition and songwriting.


I have studied voice, guitar, piano, music theory, music history and electronic music.


I have been into art, and graphics, designing CD covers, posters, T-shirts and business cards my whole life. I had a cartoon published in Factsheet Five many years ago.

Consultant / Partner

Running a business is hard. It may not be for everyone, but as with most things, I think anyone can learn and improve.

Websites For Lawyers

Guess what we do? More than "just websites", actually. Websites For Lawyers is a full-service boutique online marketing service.

Sargent Web Services

I am redesigning this businesses and expanding services.

Zerojack has been my design studio since 2004. "Express the Ineffable" Logos, banners, posters, and cards that convey what cannot be fully expressed in words. Webutation