I designed my logo by starting with a square grid, rotated 45°, overlaid with a circular grid, an S-curve and shaded to represent my initials.

I prefer logos that have low aspect ratios, are high contrast and balanced so that they are recognizable in a wide range of applications.


I have been in business in various forms over the years (DBAs, partnerships, a couple of LLCs and S Corps). I’ve done direct contracting and subcontracting, been a partner and executive. I have benefitted from coaching and mentoring in various areas that include project and quality management, as well as advertising and marketing. Due to my involvement with writing music and software, I also have a special interest in all three types of intellectual property law — particularly copyright law.

I am a highly experienced website engineer/artist, and I am on a mission to stamp out the slow, the hazardous, the ugly and/or annoying.

If you suspect that your website is any (or all) of those things, press this button now.

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I have worked for several well-known technology producers and innovators in both public and private sectors, including Internet, software/hardware, audio, communications, defense, research and education.

Positions I have held: CIO, CTO, Director of Interactive Media, Software Architect, Sr. Software Engineer, and Systems Engineer.


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

B.S. Electrical Engineering, minor in Communications. Served on the WRPI’s Executive Committee.

Polytechnic University Graduate studies in software and control systems engineering from Polytechnic University.

I have studied many software technologies formally and informally.


I have a life-long passion for music, especially composition and songwriting. I have studied voice, guitar, piano, music theory, music history and electronic music. I took 3rd place in the Dallas National Songwriting Competition and co-wrote the Alma Mater for Dowling College.


I love art and graphics, fonts — anything visual. I have been designing CD covers, posters, T-shirts and business cards my whole life, had a few cartoons published and have done occassional creative work for ad agencies.