You can’t convert a visitor who has moved on.

However much you have invested in attracting visitors to your website, they start leaving the moment they notice the page loading.

My websites deliver more content in less time.

Attrition is measured in tenths of a second.

Attrition is measured in tenths of a second, especially on faster sites. A website that takes three seconds to load loses about a third of its visitors. Whether a site uses analytics or not, search engines know when someone hits the Back Button — which may affect the site rank.

It pays to be fast.

My websites exceed industry recommendations by a wide margin. They deliver more content in less time without sacrificing rich media or paying for a CDN. It may be why my sites generate leads without having to pay for clicks.

What do I do?

  • I build very fast commercial-sized websites without compromising aesthetics.
  • I also fix slow commercial-sized websites without compromising anything.